3.5 KW Adjustable Tilt Mounting System New Zealand

3.5 KW Adjustable Tilt Mounting System New Zealand May 2023

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The adjustable tilt mounting system is a versatile solution designed for easy installation on both metal and concrete roofs. With options for fixed or adjustable angles, this system allows you to customize the tilt of your solar panels to maximize energy production.

The system features high-quality aluminum alloy extruded rails, clamps, and various roof hooks, making installation quick and straightforward. These components are pre-installed to save you time and labor costs.

Customized lengths of the mounting system eliminate the need for on-site welding and cutting. This ensures high corrosion resistance, structural strength, and a clean aesthetic from the factory to the installation site.

By choosing the adjustable tilt mounting system, you can easily optimize the angle of your solar panels to capture the most sunlight throughout the year. This maximizes energy generation and increases the overall efficiency of your solar installation.

The system is compatible with both metal and concrete roofs, making it a flexible solution for a variety of installations. With its user-friendly design and high-quality materials, the adjustable tilt mounting system provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for your solar energy needs.

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