Solar Panel Wire Clips PVM-CC-06

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Solar Panel Wire Clips PVM-CC-06

Elevate your solar panel installations with the cutting-edge Solar Panel Wire Clips PVM-CC-06. Crafted meticulously from durable stainless steel, these clips are specifically designed for efficient 3/4 PV wire management. Ideal for wholesalers, B2B customers, brand manufacturers, and construction installers, these clips offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​
Routing method180° parallel to the frame of the component for holding 4 cables
Cable size4x4mm2
Thickness 0.5mm

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Exclusive Design

The unique design of these solar mounting system components is a testament to the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics.

Certified Quality

With ISO9001, SGS, and CE certifications, these PV mounts have undergone rigorous mechanical testing, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

Decade of Experience

Leveraging over 10 years of experience in solar bracket solutions, these clips are backed by a legacy of excellence and innovation in the field.

Clips Features

  • Stainless Steel Durability: Made with high-grade stainless steel, these clips are built to last, providing a reliable solution for wire management in solar PV systems.
  • Efficient Cable Organization: Ensuring that cables are neatly interconnected between PV modules, these clips play a crucial role in preventing cable droop under arrays, keeping installations tidy and functional.
  • Chafe-Free Design: The thoughtfully curved edges are engineered to prevent chafing during the fixing of wire cables, safeguarding the integrity of your wires.
  • Optimized Installation: Recommended installation is one clip per 1 – 1.2 meters, ensuring optimal wire management without clutter.
  • Capacity and Compatibility: Each clip is designed to hold 3-4 cables of 10-12 AWG diameter, offering versatility and compatibility with a range of wire sizes.
  • Enhanced System Longevity: Correct use of these clips contributes to reduced maintenance and prolongs the lifespan of your solar power system.
    • Harsh Condition Resilience: These clips are engineered to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring that your PV energy system remains healthy and functional.

Manufacturing Details

Package of Solar Wire Clips

  1. Each group comes in a strong, waterproof bag that holds 500 great clips to keep safe in any kind of weather.
  2. Choose how you want your order packed. We can change the size of the boxes so that each one fits 10 of these big bags perfectly, just the way you need.
  3. When you need to send a lot of them, we pack the crates with 8 or 12 boxes in tough plastic wrap. This makes sure your clips get to you looking great and ready to make your solar projects work better.
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Plastic Bags

03 each bags of wire clips in carton


05 several cartons in crate with film



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