Solar Wire Clips PVM-CC-05

Solar Wire Clips PVM-CC-05

Solar Wire Clips PVM-CC-05 provide a prioritized solution for cable routing in photovoltaic systems, neatly arranging the PV cables under the frames of the photovoltaic components, ensuring overall aesthetic appeal and stable, safe power transmission.This type of photovoltaic cable clip features a wire position design to prevent damage to cable insulation, and its easy-to-install clip structure ensures construction efficiency and orderly arrangement. The back is designed with barbs to prevent the cable clips from coming loose after installation. These cable clips are made of 304 stainless steel with a compact and exquisite appearance, facilitating better cable management without being cumbersome.
Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​
Routing method180° parallel to the frame of the component for holding 2 cables
Cable size2×4/6mm2
Thickness 0.5mm

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Special Design

Solar Module Cable Clips PVM-CC-05 Special Design 03

Barb Deseign

Bard Design on back side to prevent the clips from falling off after installion.

Special Tongue Design

Special tongue design for easy installation and removal without tools

Solar Module Cable Clips PVM-CC-05 Special Design 02
Solar Module Cable Clips PVM-CC-05 Special Design 03

Rounded Edges

Burr-free edges to prevent damage to cable insulation.


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Manufacturing Details

Package of Solar Wire Clips

  1. Each group comes in a strong, waterproof bag that holds 500 great clips to keep safe in any kind of weather.
  2. Choose how you want your order packed. We can change the size of the boxes so that each one fits 10 of these big bags perfectly, just the way you need.
  3. When you need to send a lot of them, we pack the crates with 8 or 12 boxes in tough plastic wrap. This makes sure your clips get to you looking great and ready to make your solar projects work better.
Stainless Steel Solar Cable Clips PVM-CC-04

Plastic Bags

03 each bags of wire clips in carton


05 several cartons in crate with film



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