Stainless Steel Solar Cable Clips PVM-CC-04

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Stainless Steel Solar Cable Clips PVM-CC-04

Our Stainless Steel Solar Cable Clips provide an excellent solution for cable routing in photovoltaic systems, neatly arranging the cables under the frames of photovoltaic panels to ensure overall aesthetic appeal and stable, safe power transmission. Made of 304 stainless steel, these cable clips require no special tools for installation.

PV Mounts cable clips feature a wire position design that prevents damage to the cable’s insulation layer, and their easy-to-install clip structure ensures efficient construction and orderly cable arrangement. Additionally, the back design includes barbs to prevent the clips from falling off after installation. These cable clips offer various installation solutions for cable layout in photovoltaic power systems, including standard 180-degree parallel orientation, 90-degree vertical routing, and bundling multiple cables. PV Mounts can be custom manufactured according to customer requirements.

Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​
Routing method180° parallel to the frame of the component
Cable size2x4mm2
Thickness 0.5mm

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10-Year Experience

A decade in solar mount manufacturing has honed our expertise in delivering durable, precision-engineered, and sustainable solutions for diverse, global clean energy needs.

Professional Team

Our team is a fusion of skilled engineers, innovative designers, and dedicated workers, all experts in delivering top-tier solar mounting systems with precision and reliability.

Industrial Standards

We adhere to stringent industrial standards, ensuring our solar mounting systems meet rigorous quality, safety, and performance benchmarks, setting the bar in renewable energy excellence.

Easy Installation

Our solar mounting systems are designed for easy installation, featuring user-friendly components for quick setup, reducing labor costs, and accelerating project timelines.

Manufacturing Details

How we packed the Solar PV Cable Clips

  • Elevate your operational standards with our Solar PV Cable Clips, where each set is encased in a fortified, waterproof bag, brimming with 500 top-tier clips to shield against any weather.
  • Tailor your order with our customizable packaging options, ensuring each carton snugly fits 10 of these substantial bags, designed with your logistical preferences in mind.
  • For bulk transport, our crates, containing 8 or 12 cartons, are secured with robust plastic film, delivering your clips in impeccable condition, ready to enhance the efficiency of your solar projects.
Stainless Steel Solar Cable Clips PVM-CC-04

Plastic Bags

03 each bags of wire clips in carton


05 several cartons in crate with film



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