Adjustable Solar Hooks PVM-TH-07 for Tile Roof Mounting

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Adjustable Solar Hooks PVM-TH-07

Upgrade your solar setup with the Adjustable Tile Roof Hook (Turn 90°), offering unmatched flexibility and security. Designed to pivot 90°, it adapts to all roof tile types, including flat, asphalt shingle, and slate, with an adjustable thumb screw for easy tension control. Ideal for both DIYers and professionals, it promises fast, secure tile installation without complex steps. Its durable, corrosion-resistant steel ensures lasting performance in any climate.

Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​

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NameAdjustable Solar Tile Roof Hook 
Material SUS304
ApplicationFix rail to roman tile roof


  • Solar tile hooks crafted from superior stainless steel for unmatched durability.
  • PV Mounts feature versatile designs that blend functionality with aesthetics.
  • Quick, easy installation with slotted connections and adjustable hooks.
  • Bead blasted stainless steel and robust lags for lasting reliability.
  • UL, SGS, CE certifications ensure strict safety and performance compliance.
  • Comprehensive solar mounting solutions with OEM/ODM options.
  • 10-year warranty and 25-year lifespan from  professional manufacturer with excellent quality and Factory Price.

Optional accessories bom list

7# Tile Roof Hook base partSUS3041
7# Tile Roof Hook support partSUS3041
M8x25 hex socket head boltSUS 304 1
M8 lock washerSUS3041
M8 spring washerSUS3041
M10x30 the carriage boltSUS 3041
M10 hexagon nuts with flangeSUS 3041
PVM Nut Al6005-T51
SC6.3x80mm hex head wood screw  & EPDM washerQ2353

Hook Design Drawing:

pvm-th-07 tile roof solar panel hook drawing


Solar Panel Tile Roof Hook Projects Image (3) Solar Panel Tile Roof Hook Projects Image (2)

Factory tour for production of solar panel mounting systems.

tile roof hooks adjustable PVM-TH-07 installation guide tile roof hooks adjustable PVM-TH-07 (3)

tile roof hooks adjustable PVM-TH-07 (2)

Inner packing: Carton box
Outer packing: Wooden Palle, steel pallet, MDF

PVM-TH-07 solar tile hooks packing photo PVM-TH-07 packing photo

Solar Tile Roof Hooks Package Image 01 Solar Tile Roof Hooks Package Image 02 Solar Tile Roof Hooks Package Image 03

This SGS report evaluates the durability, safety, and performance of solar tile roof hooks, ensuring compliance with international standards for quality and reliability in solar installations.

Tile Roof Hook SGS report for Adjustable Solar Hooks PVM-TH-07 Tile Roof Hook SGS report (3)


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