Adjustable Tin Roof Hooks PVM-TRH-05 Vertically for metal roof

Adjustable Tin Roof Hooks PVM-TRH-05

Unlock the full potential of your solar installation with the Adjustable Trapezoid Tin Roof Hook. This innovative bracket is designed for maximum adaptability and ease of use on any trapezoidal sheet metal roof.

Item No.:PVM-SC
Shipping Port:Xiamen
Wind load:Max 60m/s
Snow load:Max 1.4KN/m
Inclination:Flat Roof (Roof angle 5°~60 ° )
PV module:Framed, Unframed
Module Orientation:Landscape or Portrait
Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​

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Technical Parameters

Structure Material:100% Anodized AL6005-T5
Fastener Material:Stainless Steel SUS304
Warranty:10 YEARS
Lifespan:25 YEARS
Finished:Anodized AL 6005-T5;
Shot peening SUS 304
Standard:JISC8955-2017 Photovoltaic Array Structure Design Guidelines
Color:Natural or Black Anodizing
Application:Metal Roof

L feet have been widely used on universal corrugated or trapezoidal metal sheet roofing such as workshops or warehouses with an inclination angle of 5°~60°. It can fix to the roof rafter directly, applied with screw or hanger bolts or fitted with designing roof standing seam clamps.

It provides a simple and economical mounting solution for the installation of all the framed and frameless solar modules on the market. The advanced design minimizes the quantity of parts in the whole system and make installation simple & fast.

The simple and solid mounting structure also enables it to make full use of the existing tin roof, and the highly efficient and dense components greatly increase the installed capacity, so as to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.


  • Universal Compatibility: The hook’s versatile design ensures it can be adjusted to fit any size of trapezoidal metal roof sheets, making it a one-size-fits-all solution for your solar mounting needs.
  • Adjustable Dimensions: Easily rotate the width and height of the bracket to match the specific contours of your roof, providing a tailored fit that enhances stability and installation efficiency.
  • Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, the hook is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Easy Installation: The multifunctional bracket is designed to complement our solar kits, simplifying the mounting process and eliminating the risk of cold bridging for a more effective solar energy system.
  • Gurantee: 10-year warranty and 25-year lifespan with Factory Price.
  • Certification: Pass certifiates including SGS, UL, CE, AS/NZS product standards and ISO9001 management.


  • Cost-Effective: Eliminate the need for multiple mounting systems with a single adjustable solution that accommodates various roof profiles.
  • Enhanced Durability: Enjoy peace of mind with a product that resists corrosion and wear, maintaining its functionality over time.
  • Simplified Setup: Save time and effort during installation with a design that’s easy to adjust and secure, ensuring your solar panels are up and running quickly.
  • Optimal Performance: Achieve better energy capture and efficiency by securely fitting the bracket to your specific roof type, reducing installation errors and maximizing solar exposure.

Optional accessories bom list

Product nameMaterialQuantity
21# Tin roof hookAl6005-T51
M8X25 the carriage boltSUS 3041
M8 hexagon nuts with flangeSUS 3041
Rubber padEPDM4
ST5.5×30 thin sheet screwsSUS 4104


Factory tour for production of solar panel mounting systems.

We offer installation guide to our customer with instructions and image as well as videos. Some of the component kits are well pre-assembled for your quick and easy installation for your projects.

tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (1) tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (2) tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (12) tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (14) tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (13)

tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (9) tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (7)

tin roof hook PVM-TRH-05 (5)


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