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As a manufacturer of solar carport mounting system, PV Mounts offer durable and custom structure for residential and commercial parking lots. The 7-shaped solar carport structure features a unique design that resembles the number “7” when viewed from the side. This innovative design combines functionality with a distinctive architectural style, making it an attractive option for solar energy generation and vehicle protection. 

  • Distinctive Shape: The 7-shaped design includes a vertical column that extends upward and then horizontally in one direction, creating a top bar that forms the canopy for the carport.
  • Solar Panel Integration: The horizontal section of the “7” serves as the primary area for mounting solar panels. This arrangement allows for optimal orientation towards the sun.
  • Space Efficiency: The 7-shaped carport is particularly suitable for areas where space is a premium, as it can be installed along perimeters or borders of parking areas.
Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​

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Module direction:Horizontal 7 Shape
Module type:Framed
Wind Speed:38m/s
Design Angle:5~20°
Bracket Material:Q235B/AL6005-T5
Surface Treatmenthot dipped galvanized, pre-galvanized, powder coated, anodized
Application Scope:Residential / Commercial
Warranty:10 Years (25 years lifespan)
Design Standards:JIS C 8955:2017;
AS/NZS 1170;
ASCE/SEI 7-10;
International Building Code: IBC 2009

Benefits and Features

  • Innovative Design: The unique appearance of the 7-shaped carport makes it a standout feature, offering aesthetic appeal in addition to its functional purpose.
  • Optimized for Solar Energy: The design facilitates excellent solar panel alignment with the sun’s path, ensuring maximum energy generation throughout the day.
  • Structural Stability: Despite its seemingly minimalistic design, the 7-shaped carport is engineered for strength and durability, with the vertical and horizontal components designed to withstand environmental loads.
  • Customed Order: You can custom your 7 shape steel carport mounting system with your design drawing, materials, surface treatment as well as other requorement details.
  • High Standards: All our solar mount components are produced according to the standards: AS/NZS 1170.2-2002,JISC8955:2017,Euro Code 8,DIN 1055, IBC 2009, MCS012, UL2703, SGS etc.

Design Drawing:

singe & double 7-shape solar carport structure

design drawing - carbon steel solar carport mounting structure case 7-shaped (single) design drawing - PVM-SCP-01 T-double shape steel solar carport moount system


project 03 - carbon steel solar carport 7-shaped double parking project 01 carbon steel solar carport mounting systems case 7-shaped

Factory view for manufacturing of solar carport mounting system.

carbon steel solar panel carport structures steel solar carport production for commercial and residential steel solar carports brackets steel solar carport structures carbon steel solar carport production loading


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