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Solar panel ground screws are an innovative and eco-friendly foundation solution for solar panel installation. They are made of Q235 steel and are treated with hot-dip galvanizing to resist corrosion and weathering. These screws come in various lengths, tailored to the size of the solar panel system, providing a secure and stable foundation. The installation process is straightforward and direct, with no significant environmental impact, as there is no vibration, soil displacement, or high noise levels during the pile driving process.

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General Hot Selling Screws

These ground screws are also known as helical piles, anchors, piles, or screw piles etc. Each type solar ground screw work for specific application to optimal the mounting solution. 

Universal Ground Screw Pile

This Screw work fixed flange and is make of Q235 standard carbon steel material, hot-dip galvanized;

Adjustable Ground Screw Pile

This ground screws with adjustable flange By screwing up 3 units of nuts, the flange can be firmly fixed

Four Blades Screw Pile

The Four Blades Screw Pile offers enhanced stability with its quadruple-blade design in various soil types with superior load distribution.

Ribbon Helical Piers Ground Screw Pile

This type of ground screw come with drill bit/drill pipe/spiral blades and connecting pile.

Two Blades Screw Pile Ground Anchors

It features a dual-blade configuration for efficient anchoring, optimizing load-bearing and stability in different soil conditions.

U Solar Ground Screw

It boasts a unique 'U' shape design for enhanced grip and stability, providing a reliable foundation for solar arrays and structures.

Technical Parameter for Ground Screws

Flange Diameter
Ground screws pull strength(The distance from the ground to the flange is 200mm)
The N Value for cohesive soilThe N value for sand soil

Ground Screw Container Loading Quantity

20’GP1630pcs1020 pcs1020 pcs850 pcs
40’HQ2260 pcs1820 pcs1680 pcs1540pcs

Product & Factory Video

Screw Producing Video

Factory Overview

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Our own specific methods and technologies to enhance the efficiency and quality of the production process
1 Raw Material for solar mounting rails

Raw Material Process

This step includes few kind of process like steel cut by sawing or laser cutting, pipe tubular forming and welding blades or flights on the pipe. Each specific methods and technologies to enhance the efficiency and quality of the raw material to next deep process.

Deep Process

According the raw material process, this step go with deeper process, such as the tread rolling (improve improve the strength of the screw) and heat treatment to achieve increased strength and toughness.

Deep Process
ground screws for solar mounting

Galvanizing and Moulde

To protect against corrosion, the ground screws undergo a hot-dip galvanizing process. This involves dipping the steel into a bath of molten zinc to create a robust, protective layer.

Quality Control and Shipment

Quality Control includes checking the dimensions, thread quality, and the thickness of the galvanizing layer. All of the screws are typically bundled together and may be protected with wrapping to prevent damage during shipping.

Package for ground screws for solar mounting

SGS Test and Certifications

Test Method: According to the client’s requirement, place the solar panel ground screws on two supports which can span is 1mm, and then apply the compress force on the midspan till totally damaged. Determine the maximum force.

The diameter of support and plunger is 30mm.

Test speed: 12mm/min

Test result: the maximum compress force is 1680kgf.

Different types of certification as below:

Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​

Projects & Application

They are an excellent alternative to wooden or concrete foundations with their corrosion-resistant and wear-proof properties. Meanwhile the ability to be custom-designed, make them a versatile and cost-effective solution for various solar ground mounting applications.

Ground Screw for Flat Ground (Vertical Placement)

3D illustration for ground screws installation

Make the screws into soil with machine

solar mounting ground screw project (9)

Pre-installation for ground screws in garden

solar pv ground screws project photo

Solar energy project with ground mounting

solar mounting ground screws project (1)

Large open area with solar panel ground mounting

The FAQs About Solar Ground Screws

Ground screws are versatile and can be used in different soil types, including hard, stony soils or sandy conditions. However, we recommend a soil assessment to determine the most suitable ground screw type for your specific location.

Yes, we can customize ground screws to meet the unique needs of your project, including specific lengths, diameters, and plate sizes according to your design.

Just send us your inquiry by contact form or email. We will contact you with our sample, quotation etc. Once order confirmed we will make the production and arrange the package, quality control and shipment for you.

Yes, our ground screws are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete foundations as they minimize soil disturbance, do not require excavation, and are made from recyclable materials.

Ground screws are installed using a pile driver or specialized installation machinery that drives the screws directly into the ground at the precise installation points. We will also send your our guide as well as video on Youtube.

Absolutely. We provide a variety of ground screws in different lengths, diameters, and with different blade configurations to meet the specific demands of your solar panel system and soil conditions.
Solar ground screws are faster to install, require no curing time like concrete, and can be loaded immediately after installation. They are also removable and reusable, offering a flexible and cost-effective foundation solution.
While ground screws are extremely durable and designed for long-term use, they also offer the flexibility to be removed and reused, making them a permanent yet adaptable solution.
Our solar ground screws are designed to last for the lifetime of your solar installation, typically over 25 years, thanks to the galvanized steel construction and corrosion-resistant properties.

We provide a warranty that covers material defects and workmanship. The warranty will be 10 years and lifespan will be 25 years.


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