Solar Panel Mounting Brackets Manufacturers

Solar Panel Mounting Brackets Manufacturer Supply in China

Applications for Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Ground Solar Panel Mounting Brackets System

Ground Solar Mounting Brackets

Including Standard and U-pile structures for different application occasions. With pre-assembly components for easy installation, U-pile works with more durable hardware for large-scale projects and outdoor tasks.

Tile Roof Hook Solar Mounting Bracket System

Tiled Solar Mounted Brackets

Works with strong tile hooks and rails to be compatible with framed and frameless roof solar mounting installation.

Flat Tripod Mount System Solar Bracket

Flat Roof Solar Mounting Brackets

Adjusts to multiple angles for optimal solar energy. It features pre-installed aluminum components, reducing labor and time. Custom lengths prevent onsite welding, ensuring durability and aesthetics.

Carport Solar Panel Mounting Bracket System

Carport Solar Mounted Brackets

The aluminum carport brackets, made of AL6005-T5 alloy, are lightweight, aesthetic, and easy to install. It combines photovoltaic power generation, extending traditional carport functions. Tailored for various climates, it covers two parking spaces per span.

Balcony Solar Mount Bracket System 03

Balcony Solar Mounting Brackets

Allows easy, cost-effective mounting of solar panels on balconies or decks. It is suitable for various panels and offers homeowners an efficient way to harness solar energy. Durable, stable, and renter-friendly, it requires no drilling and provides year-round clean energy benefits.

Adjustable Tilt Solar Mounting Brackets System

Metal Roof Solar Mounting Brackets

With four types of brackets: Adjustable Tilt, L Feet, Mini Rail, and Standing Seam Clamp. This is a multiple-functional racking system with rails, a clamps connector, and an adjustable leg to apply to different solar-mounted projects.

Components of Solar Panel Mounted Brackets

Type one of small screw for most components like rail, clamp etc. Type two is big ground screw for the ground solar mounting system.

Rail for Solar Mounting Brackets

High Strength designed by AL6005-T with different style for clamps and brackets. For custom length, please call for more support. Custom length available up to 4.5m.

Rail Connector for Solar Mounting Brackets

AL6005-T aluminum joiner is designed to combine two pieces of rails, allowing a super strong bond between joining rails. Allows zero twist or flex at the joining point.

Mid Clamp for Solar Mounting Brackets

Mostly seen solar mounting accessories with different type and shapes. These are crafted from extruded anodized aluminum and come in lengths of 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm.

L Feet for Solar Panel Bracket

The L-Bracket, featuring an certained  connection hole and an EPDM rubber seal, is tailored for compatibility with multiple metal roof varieties.

Adjustable Front Leg for Solar Mounting Brackets

Adjustable leg made of aluminum alloy. Tilt angle verify from 10~15°, 15~30°, 30~60°. Pre-assembled and easy installation.

HOOK for Solar Mounting Brackets

These hooks offer a robust, sleek solution for flat concrete roofing, removing the necessity for cone flashing and the associated cutting and drilling of tiles.

Base for Solar Mounting Brackets

Usde in ground solar mounting brackets, to combine other mounting components.

Solar Panel Mounting Brackets Manufacturing Details

1 Raw Material for solar mounting rails

Aluminum Pods

All aluminum material with High purity and hardness performance.

Extrusion Lines

Extrusion Process

6 extrusion lines to ensure aluminum hardware with high quality and performance

Cutting Machine


With professional cutting machines, cutting process will be efficient and accurate cutting of aluminum alloy, rails etc.

Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum Anodizing

o enhance its durability, provide better adhesive qualities for paint primers and glues, resist corrosion, and give the hardware a decorative and aesthetically pleasing finish.


Measurement Inspection

Every product undergoes sample inspections, is cross-referenced with blueprints, and has its dimensions measured to ensure that the products delivered to the customers are accurate and error-free.



Pre-assembling to ensure Efficiency and Speed, Quality Control, Reduced Errors, Cost Savings. All lead to high-quality standards and meeting production deadlines.

Packaging for solar panel mounting rails


Each bracket component packed with plastic film / rubber / carton / packing strap etc for well protecting

Loading and Delivery

Loading and Delivery

Carefully considered packaging and protective measures, combined with the packing efficiency, ensure customers receive intact products and enhance the product's cost-effectiveness.

Projects of Solar Mounting Brackets

Hungary 11KW Ballasted Moutning System


11KW Ballasted Moutning System

Hungary 100KW Ballasted Moutning System


100KW Ballasted Moutning System

Slovak Republic 8KW Tile Roof Solar Mouting projects

Slovak Republic

8KW Tile Roof Solar Mouting projects

New Zealand 13.5KW U-Pile Ground Mouting System

New Zealand

13.5KW U-Pile Ground Mouting System


A: Details needed as below. More details will result more detailed quotaion. Thanks.

1The dimension of the solar panel:_________(Length*Width*Thickness)
2How many solar panels do you plan to install for the project?______pcs.
3Solar panel array layout.
If no available, please send size (Length and Width) of your installation site.
4What is the optial tilt angle for solar panel?:_______degree.
5What’s wind speed and snow load?___m/s anit-wind speed and____KN/m2 snow load.
6 What installation orientation for solar panel?_______(Horizontal or Vertical).
7Latitude and longitude of installation site? 
8Which foundation you need for your coming ground mounting system? ______( ground screw/concrete/pile/pole )
9How tall is the lowest height from the solar panel to the ground? _______mm

A: We provide complimentary samples to assess quality. While you’ll cover the initial shipping charges, we’ll deduct them from your inaugural order.

A: Normally it takes about 7~15 working days once the deposit received. Meanwhile it also depends on your order details(quantities, type etc.)

Quantity (pcs)1 – 500501 – 50005001 – 50000> 50000
Lead time (days)71015To be negotiated
Payment TermT/TSmall order100% T/T in advance
FOB30% T/T in advance, 70% balance paid before shipment.
CNF30% T/T in advance, balance paid against copy of B/L
Delivery MethodBy express, By air, By Sea or By train

A: We offer 10 years warranty and lifespan up to 25 years.

Both OEM and ODM are available

Of course, we welcome your visit our factory to ensure the production, quality as well as the specific solar mounted brackets components.

A: Yes, we provide installation guide e-book as well as the youtube tutorial video. You can visit our official youtbe site:


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