PV Wire Management Clips PVM-CC-08

PV Wire Management Clips PVM-CC-08

PV Wire Management Clips PVM-CC-08 are designed with precision and functionality in mind. These clips are an indispensable component for any solar energy system. Aimed at wholesalers, distributors, retailers, brand manufacturers, and project installation, these clips are crafted to enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of solar panel installations.

Order now and take the first step towards a more efficient, safe, and visually appealing solar energy system.

Certifications for Solar Pv Cable Clips PVM-CC-03​
Routing method180° parallel to the frame of the component for holding 2 cables
Cable size2X6mm2 PV Cables
Thickness 0.5mm

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Innovative Design

Our clips combine functionality with aesthetics, providing a unique solution for cable management in solar mounting systems.

Quality Assurance

ISO9001, SGS, and CE certified, PV Mounts' product meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Experienced Manufacturing

Backed by over 10 years of experience in solar bracket manufacturing, we offer unparalleled expertise and quality in our products.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to be universally fit for most solar modules, our clips facilitate precise installations without needing onsite cutting.

Expert Engineering Support

With a decade of experience in PV system design, our professional engineering team provides over 200 product types and 30 mounting solutions to meet diverse energy demands.

Clips Features

  • Robust Material: Constructed from premium stainless steel SUS304, these clips guarantee durability and resistance against corrosion, making them suitable for all kinds of environments.
  • Effortless Installation: Easy to install on any roof, ground, or carport mounting system, these clips require no special tools, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • Optimal Wire Management: Designed to hold and manage cables under solar panels securely, these clips prevent cable damage and insulation wear, ensuring the longevity and safety of your solar array.
  • Universal Fit: Whether your solar panels are framed or frameless, our clips accommodate a range of cable combinations and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every installation.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Sleek and discreet, these clips contribute to a cleaner, more organized look for solar PV arrays, enhancing the overall appearance of the installation.

Manufacturing Details

Package of PV Wire Management Clips

  1. Each group comes in a strong, waterproof bag that holds 500 great clips to keep safe in any kind of weather.
  2. Choose how you want your order packed. We can customized the size of the boxes so that each one fits 10 of these big bags perfectly, just the way you need.
  3. When you need to send a lot of them, we pack the crates with 8 or 12 boxes in tough plastic wrap. This makes sure your clips get to you looking great and ready to make your solar projects work better.
Stainless Steel Solar Cable Clips PVM-CC-04

Plastic Bags

03 each bags of wire clips in carton


05 several cartons in crate with film



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