PV Mounts Solar Panel Cable Clips PVM-CC-02

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PV Mounts Solar Panel Cable Clips PVM-CC-02

In solar installations, the Solar Panel Cable Clips emerges as a paramount tool to orchestrate and govern the conduits ensconced beneath the radiant solar panels. This unassuming contraption delivers steadfast oversight in affixing solar module conduits to the gleaming aluminum exoskeleton of the solar panels. Is it modus operandi? Grasp the tubes with aplomb and glide the clip, with finesse, onto the frame, ensuring those conduits repose in a poised and unyielding manner..

Routing method180° parallel to the frame of the component for holding 2 cables
Cable size2x6mm2
Thickness 0.6mm

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Forsooth, the very fabric of these clips exhibits unparalleled resilience. Conceived from pristine corrosion-averse 304 stainless steel, their longevity remains unchallenged by nature’s whims. Yet, the pièce de résistance lies in the elegantly tapered edge design—a nuanced touch ensuring seamless installation and extraction.

In the grand tapestry of solar innovations, the Solar Panel Cable Clip stands as an exemplar of meticulous engineering. A veritable symphony of function and design, ensuring the conduits, akin to the veins of this green power source, remain unfettered and in harmonious alignment.

Efficiency and elegance combined—a testament to human ingenuity in the era of renewable energy.

  • Fast and easy installation with saving your project expense.
  • Pre-assembling and well packed for your business.
  • Eco-friendly and can be used more than one time.
  • Produced by the market standards and quality, which ensure durable performance and quality.
  • An elegant electro-tinned (304 stainless steel) attachment for solar grounding.
  • Meet different certification according variety of markets.

Packages of Solar Panel Cable Clips

Each cable clips will be packed well from single one to bulk.

01 solar wire clips packed with plastic bags

Plastic Bag

We pack 500 pcs clips in one thick and waterproof plastic bag.

03 each bags of wire clips in carton


One carton can hold 10 bags of cable clips. You can also customize the carton and bag sizes.

05 several cartons in crate with film


One crate can hold 8/12 carton, packed with plastic film to fasten and protection.

Factory View

Raw Material for Solar Panel Cable Clip PVM-CC-02

Raw Material for Solar Panel Mounts Hardware

1 Raw Material for solar mounting rails

Workers at PV-Mounts for Solar Mounting Hardware

Package for Solar Panel Cable Clip PVM-CC-02

Package for Solar Panel Mounts Components


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